22 Questions to ask Before Buying a Web Site

If you’re interested in purchasing a website, make sure you’ve done your research. Here are some questions you should be asking:

  1. What is the purchase price of the web site?
  2. What domain names are included?
  3. Will the domain names be transferred to the new owner?
  4. What are the traffic statistics of the web site?
  5. How many unique visitors a day/month does it receive?
  6. How many page views?
  7. What portion of the traffic is artificial (bots and search spiders)
  8. Where does the site’s traffic originate from?
  9. Will there be substantial changes to incoming links once the site is purchased?
  10. How old is the website?
  11. When was the domain registered?
  12. When was content first placed on the site?
  13. How is the web site being hosted?
  14. How much bandwidth does it consume?
  15. What programming language(s) does it use?
  16. Is there a database involved?
  17. Is there an existing member database?
  18. Is contact information available for members?
  19. Does the site make money?
  20. How does the site make money?
  21. How long has it been profitable?
  22. What previous arrangements exist with other vendors?

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