Crazyegg Heatmap and Ad Placement

crazyegg logoOne of my new favorite Web 2.0 tools is a user activity monitoring tool from crazyegg. There are several javascript based applications that can track what links/images your users are clicking on, but crazyegg has taken it to a whole new level. Their userface is intuitive, the free account is certainly worthwhile and the data you can gather is fantastic.

My favorite offering from the crazyegg tool is a heatmap which shows you which links are getting the most clicks with an easy to understand graphical interface. Not only does the tool show you which links are getting clicks, but the actual placement on the screen where those clicks are occurring. In just a few days I’ve started to see trends among my users wherein they gravitate and click on specific words more frequently than others.

Below I’ve taken a screenshot of the tracking campaign I’m running for, my role playing games website. This particular screenshot represents 1,199 visits and 289 clicks on the page. I’m particularly pleased with this tracking information because it shows that my ad placement for this page is spot on!

crazyegg 1km1kt heatmap screenshot

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