EmailLabs Pricing Update

An email from EmailLabs correcting their pricing. This email came in response to our earlier White Label Bulk Email Provider review.

From: EmailLabs
Sent: Friday, November 09, 2007 1:00 PM

I saw this blog but wasn’t sure who had posted it.

I wish I had figured it out earlier as the pricing you mention is incorrect. It is $250 for every ten sub-account, which breaks down to $25 per client. It isn’t $250 per client. That’s obviously my fault for not being clear when we spoke, so I apologize for that.

Out of curiosity, do you guys or your clients do anything with web analytics, landing pages, pay-per-click or deliverability monitoring? I ask because we are releasing our HQ product on the 15th and all of this functionality is going to be integrated into one dashboard with an all-encompassing pricing model based on the seat license concept. It’s a first-of-its-kind product in this industry and is going to offer companies a powerful way to standardize tracking and reporting and allow them to make actionable decisions based on the subsequent analyses. Currently clients are required to deal with multiple vendors to have access to the same data and functionality, which means multiple points of contact for support as well as multiple reports showing disparate metrics. With HQ it is centralized tracking, reporting and support. A true one-stop-shop to consolidate your digital marketing efforts.

Sorry I was ambiguous on pricing up-front as I think we are a great solution for you.

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