– Online Signature Tool

The latest in our series on Web 2.0 projects includes It’s an online signature utility designed to allow individual the ability to draft and send their own agreements and contracts via email where they can be digitally signed.

Online signature utility

The concept is not new, and you’ve probably accepted the terms of service or agreed to a company’s conditions online before when signing up for a new service. The aim of SignatureConfirm it seems is to allow individuals the same convenience and utility when they might not otherwise be able to incorporate it into their own website.

At the very least, this concept eliminates the need for an individual to create a contract, fax or email it as a .pdf, have the signing part review it, and wait for them to sign and send it back.

With SignatureConfirm, the online signature process is a fast as an email response.

How it Works.

This part is pretty straightforward (which I like). The site isn’t trying to be a one stop solution for everything, but rather seems to focus on doing one thing and doing it well. This is an approach that I really appreciate in my online applications!

  1. Sign up for a free account,
  2. Type in or cut and paste the language of the contract you want signed,
  3. Send via email to the recipient,
  4. They get an encrypted URL and password that they can use to access the agreement (they don’t have to sign up for an account which is nice),
  5. They can view the agreement as you typed it and can choose to digitally sign it.
  6. Both parties receive confirmation emails during each step of the process and both the signed and unsigned contracts are available for download in .pdf format.

All in all, a good solution if you’re needing to collect online signatures and I can think of dozens of smaller and individual companies that could use it to streamline their contracts process.