Your customized keyword proposal from Google AdWords

I received the email below from Google AdWords for an unprompted tuneup of some of my advertising campaigns from I’m opted-in to receive notifications and updates from the Google AdWords team, so I’m fine that they emailed me some suggestions. When I went to approve/disapprove their suggestions, however, I was surprised at the overall lack of quality.

The AdWords campaigns they had chosen to review were for two of my new sites – Croptastic! and Both of the campaigns are built around broad match keywords that appeal to would be bloggers and have a general tie-in to the site’s over all theme – scrapbooking blogs for Croptastic! and international trade blogs for

The suggestions I received included the addition of a large number of keywords – 90% of which had little to do with my marketing strategy. The keywords that Google chose for me did not meet this criteria. Most were broad match search terms related to blogging, and almost all involved an increase in my cost per click. Once I logged in, I also noticed that there was no easy way to pick and choose portions of the proposal that I would like to implement.

If you get this email from Google, exercise caution. We’re seeing more and more of this type of thing and it’s becoming apparent that Google’s marketing efforts are focused first on increasing their own revenue stream and second on improving their customer’s product experience.

Here’s a copy of the email:

Date: Thursday, October 19, 2006 10:14 AM
Subject: Your customized keyword proposal from Google AdWords


Google AdWords is committed to helping you create and maintain
effective advertising campaigns within your budget. We noticed that at
least one of your campaigns has the potential to receive even more
targeted traffic, so we’ve looked at your keywords and designed a
proposal to bring you an increase in clicks — without an increase in
your budget.

To view your proposal and accept or decline the changes, visit

This complimentary proposal includes:

– 132 new keywords to target your ads more effectively to users
– 34 cost-per-click (CPC) adjustments to maximize your ad exposure

If you have any questions, please reply to this email. We look forward
to providing you with the most effective advertising available.


The Google AdWords Team

Your AdWords account number: xxx-xxx-xxxx


Our keyword and ad text suggestions are designed to help you improve
the performance of your Google AdWords campaign. You should always
check that the form and content of your advertisements meet the legal
and compliance requirements that are applicable to your campaign as
these are not assessed by Google as part of our suggestion process.


Unsubscribe: The AdWords Optimization Team sends complimentary
optimization offers and suggestions to selected AdWords customers who
have been identified as strong optimization candidates. If you wish to
unsubscribe from this mailing, please follow the steps below:

1. Visit
2. Log in to your AdWords account.
3. Uncheck the box titled ‘Account Performance Suggestions.’
4. Click ‘Save Changes.’

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