Top 10 Promotion Ideas for New Web Sites

I’ve launched dozens of websites, and there’s a fairly simple formula I use to get one started. Here’s my top ten list of advertising techniques and promotion ideas for new web sites:

  1. Use a robots.txt file to close off your site until it’s ready to open.
  2. Build some content and back links before you open the site.
  3. Link to it from several supporting web sites in your own network.
  4. Post comments and link to it from related blog posts and forums.
  5. Purchase some text links on related blogs.
  6. Send out a newsletter announcement to your subscribers about the new site.
  7. Ask for feedback and thank your members for contributing.
  8. Host a contest or giveaway to build interest.
  9. Start a pay per click advertising campaign to promote the contest.
  10. Collect email addresses and stay in touch with new members via a newsletter.

And most importantly: Always present a positive attitude to your visitors.