Text Link Ads Calculator

How much is a text link on your website worth? The guys over at text-link-ads.com have put together a nifty little tool to answer that very question. Since they’re in the business or brokering text links online, I would consider them a reasonable authority on the subject.

The text link calculator makes use of TLA’s proprietary algorithm for determining the value of a static text link on a given website. Factors in the equation include:

  • The URL of the site,
  • Its category,
  • the number of links to be sold,
  • whether the link is singular or site wide,
  • and the link’s placement on the page.

As an added bonus to calculating links, TLA has included a nifty little heat map similar to the Google Heatmap published by Google.com for their publisher program.

Not surprisingly, my research shows that sites with the highest payout/cost are those concerned with gambling, finances, real estate and the other usual suspects.

I’ve recently signed up and purchased some text links with TLA and have found that their calculator was off by only a few dollars so far as the pricing was concerned. The link I purchased on talkr.com for this site cost me $50/month for placement on the top of the right hand column. For the same placement, the calculator has them pegged at $40/month, so for a free tool the calculator wasn’t off by an extreme amount.

If you haven’t signed up for text-link-ads.com yet, I highly recommend checking out their $100 instant coupon with the purchase of $125 in links. With that coupon you can sign up, do the first month as a test and only be out of pocket $25. Here’s my affiliate banner for the coupon or you can go to $100 in FREE Links.

Text Link Ads