Monitoring your Websites with FeedReader

One of the biggest problems I face as I develop more and more websites is the constant monitoring I have to do for community blogs, forums, and anything else where outsiders have the ability to add their own content. I’m constantly deleting spam, welcoming new members, scanning for business opportunities and generally keeping an eye on things. This can consume an hour or more of my day easily.

FeedReader Logo

Enter my new favorite tool, FeedReader. FeedReader is a free, fast, and streamlined feed aggregator that polls my designated RSS feeds and aggregates (or collects) the results in an easily readable and sortable format that I can scan in just a few minutes. It sits quietly in my taskbar tray collecting updates and even alerts me when something new pops up.

Because almost all of the content management systems I use to power my sites generate an RSS feed, I can collect and monitor multiple sites quickly and with relative ease.

Feed aggregating is an excellent management tool if you run one or a hundred websites that need tending to, and I recommend FeedReader as the software to do it.